Got Home Remedies – Practical Gout Home Remedies For Little Money

Practical Gout Home Remedies For Little Money

Exploring practical gout home remedies that don’t cost a fortune is easy. First, it is worth explaining to those how think that they could have gout, what it is. Sometimes when these things are better understood they do not seem as daunting. Gout is simply inflamed joints. These can cause a lot of pain to those affected. In general, it is known to afflict men far more than it does women, but that doesn’t mean women are not affected. Gout home remedies are seen as a means by which this painful affliction can be soothed.

Gout has been likened to arthritis. It is caused by a build-up of uric acid that crystallizes and collects in the joints of the body, causing massive swelling and tremendous pain. Uric acid is usually rather harmless. In fact it is secreted from the body in our waste, mainly in the urine but to a lesser degree in the stool. Its when there is an excess that this can build-up and crystallize.

Although rather uncommon, there are some individuals who have elevated levels of uric acid but do not have gout. Obviously, their uric acid does not crystallize. In contrast, there are some people who have low levels of uric acid but somehow do have gout. These are quite rare cases and the main thing to understand is that, in general, the higher the level of uric acid, the more susceptible the individual is to gout, and the more they should be in need of gout home remedies.

Gout home remedies can be used in conjunction with a change in lifestyle. Reducing the risk of not only getting gout, but of it recurring, can be as simple as adding something with vitamin C to the diet or cutting out things such as alcohol. Beer lovers should not that drinking a little too much of the hard stuff can be something that builds up uric acid levels.

Gout home remedies are probably not as effective if the sufferer chooses to indulge in behavior that might raise their level of uric acid. A potential source of raised levels of uric acid in the system are drinks that are high in sugar and in fructose. Drinking less of these, as well as eating less of the fruits high in fructose might be the answer to reducing uric acid. Other foods that fall within this category are yeast extracts and sardines, so it might be an idea to lay off these.

Non Exotic Gout Home Remedies

Maybe it is not considered to be amongst the most exotic of gout home remedies, yet taking plenty of rest can be one of the most effective. One of the more popular gout home remedies constitutes resting the affected limb on a sofa, preferably atop a cushion, is a start. An ice-pack can also be applied to the inflamed are, however it is important to make sure that this is for no longer than 20 minutes at a time. If you must reapply an ice-pack, it is advised that you wait until the area is back up to body temperature.

Food can be one of the most effective gout home remedies. Fruit, especially, is amongst one of the most popular gout home remedies. Cherries are said to contain an antioxidant that can help quell inflammation. Around 15 to 20 cherries are advised as a daily dose, with them to be taken in the morning.

Gout Home Remedies – Apple Cider

Apple cider vinegar is something that seems to be fairly well-known among proponents of gout home remedies. The apple cider can be mix with honey and a little warm distilled water, just enough to melt the honey. This is to be drunk twice every day, preferably after meals. Apple cider vinegar is made from apples that have been fermented and can be purchased from a variety of sources. It has been said that those taking this one of the gout home remedies, could start to see improvements in swelling in as little as a week.

A lot of gout home remedies seem to rely on fresh juices of fruits or vegetables. Gout home remedies relying on 3 vegetables are quite rare. The idea is that you put 100ml of beetroot and cucumber juice in a glass and add 300ml of carrot juice. Ideally, like most of the gout home remedies, this should be fresh juices and not out of a can, because the fresh juice usually has more nutrients. You are supposed to drink half a liter of this cocktail of 3 vegetables everyday, with no specific times of day advised, it is probably best to drink in the morning.

One of those gout home remedies that could come under the heading of obscure is the French beans and string beans remedy. The idea of this is to make up 150ml of bean juice and drink once a day, for relief of gout symptoms. Something which some might find a little more palatable is the apple remedy. Apples seem to be held I very high regard as gout home remedies because they have what is called malic acid. Some think that malic acid acts as a neutralizer of uric acid, so can therefore help with inflammation. An apple after every meal is the advice for those wishing to try this.

Gout home remedies often include the juice of a fruit, or fruit in conjunction with other foods. One exception, and one that might be seen as one of the more bizarre gout home remedies, is the banana. This involves eating bananas for 3 to 4 days, and nothing else. This is to a maximum of about 8 to 9 each day.

Gout home remedies like Vitamin C in lime juice and fresh orange juice is sometimes recommended. Half a lime, squeezed into some water and taken twice a day, is a cheap alternative to squeezing a plethora of citrus fruits. It is important that anyone with a medical condition see their doctor, just in case they have an allergy to any food that can be considered part of the gout home remedies series of foods.

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