Gout Home Remedies – Are There Any That Work?

Before looking into if there are any gout home remedies that work, it might be important to give a brief explanation to anyone who thinks they may have gout. Gout, in its simplest form, in an attack on the bodies joints. This can cause inflammation and is extremely painful for those who are afflicted. Although it is more commonly known to be something that men get, women are not immune.

Gout Home Remedies for this form of arthritis

Although it is a form of arthritis, it is not the same as the common forms such as rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis. What causes gout is uric acid, a chemical in the blood that is normally harmless. This uric acid is excreted in the urine, with a quantity also being expelled through faeces. In those affected by gout, this uric acid building up in the blood and sometimes, if the levels are too high, uric acid crystals can form. These crystals attach themselves to joints and cause a great deal of pain in the form of swelling and inflammation.

Gout Home Remedies eliminate (sometimes) uric acid

There are certain people that have high levels of uric acid which don’t crystallize meaning they do not have gout. In some rare cases, the reverse is true, and those with low levels of uric acid do have gout. Normally, the higher the uric acid level, the more likely you are of getting gout. Therefore, one of the most important things about gout home remedies, is that they should reduce uric acid levels.


If you think you have gout, or if you think someone you know may have gout, then it is important to know that symptoms not only include swollen joints. Although, in many cases, it is swelling of the joints around the big toe that are affected, there are other thing to be watchful of. Things like high temperature, and fatigue could be a sign. Pain in the joint is something to watch out for, this can happen overnight, when the body’s core temperature is lower.

Before learning about gout home remedies, it is advisable to look at your lifestyle. There are commonsense ways of reducing your susceptibility to gout. Things like drinking too much alcohol can be a factor in the build-up of uric acid in the system.


Laying off the sugary drinks high in fructose might help lower your susceptibility to gout. The same can also be said for fruits that have high levels of fructose. Additionally, some foods, such as sardines and yeast extracts, may not be helpful ether.


One of the best gout home remedies is know to be rest. The affected limb should be elevated, perhaps on the sofa, and an ice pack applied to the area This should be held against the inflamed area. It might help initially ease the pain, which is when hopefully the other gout home remedies will kick in. It is important not to keep the ice-pack on for longer than 20 minutes. Also, it is recommended that the afflicted area be allowed to return to body temperature before reapplying the ice-pack.


What is eaten by gout sufferers can also have an affect. Several gout home remedies recommend eating cherries. It has been stated that eating between 15 and 20 a day could help. The idea behind the cherry being amongst gout home remedies come from the fact that they have antioxidants called anthocyanins. Apparently these help relive inflammation and can even reduce the frequency of future flare-ups. As with most gout home remedies this calls for fresh cherries. They are probably best taken in the morning.


One of the gout home remedies that many people have good things to say about is apple cider vinegar. This well-known of gout home remedies is made from fermented apples. The thing about this is that it can be bought from the shops. It is uncertain whether it should be used in conjunction with other gout home remedies, however, there are many recipes that allow you to mix with honey and warm distilled or purified water, to take away from the sharp acidic taste. Some gout home remedies proponents recommend taking apple cider vinegar twice a day after meals. It is also claimed that within a week, sufferers should see a relieving of their symptoms.


Vegetable juices are also one of the popular gout home remedies. A mixture of cucumber, beetroot and carrot juice is said to be pretty effective at treating gout. The ratio that has been recommended is 1 part beetroot, 1 part cucumber and 3 parts carrot juice, making up half a liter of juice. This, like the vast majority of gout home remedies, should be consumed daily.


Perhaps one of the more obscure gout home remedies is the juice of string or French beans. The idea is to take the beans and juice it into 150ml of liquid. The juice is said to help relieve gout symptoms. Apples are very highly thought of as gout home remedies. They contain malic acid, which some believe neutralizes uric acid, and hence provides relief from the pain. An apple should be taken after each meal to provide the optimum chance of relief.


Fruit plays a huge part when making a list of gout home remedies. One such fruit that is to relieve gout in its edible form is the banana. A diet of nothing but bananas for 3 to 4 days has been advised, with a daily maximum of 8 to 9 bananas every day ad nothing else.


Vitamin C is often thought of as being one of the best gout herbal remedies. Some recommend vitamin C pills, others fresh orange juice, and some think lime is what is needed. Lime has citric acid, said to be one of the best gout home remedies. Lime juice should be freshly squeezed into a glass of water and drank twice a day


As with most medical problems, it is wise to go to the doctor before starting any course of treatment. The gout home treatments that doctor’s recommend may differ and not all the gout home remedies listed will work for everyone. It is also a good idea to check for any allergies before embarking on any gout home remedies treatment.

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